It’s a Wrap: Closing out the Year with W-2 and Tax Services


For staffing agencies, year-end processes make for a busy time of year. Oftentimes, it’s an “all hands on deck” time of the year and everyone needs to pitch in to make sure the necessary steps are taken to close out the year for all employees. For example: the data integrity check is a key step in the year-end process and there is an abundance of issues that could arise, from missing social security numbers to incorrect taxes withheld to improper adjustment taxability. Finding and correcting these errors now will help to ensure that your returns and W-2s are produced accurately.

When it comes to carrying out year-end services for clients, our TempWorks’ year-end team is crucial. With their sharp attention to detail and year-over-year experience helping our clients with such a time-consuming and important process, we have become our clients’ trusted go-to resource. We make sure to verify that data integrity issues are resolved, take care of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, and print W-2s to provide relief from the stressful paperwork and filing process. For each client, our team prints all the required documents and mails them directly to our clients’ employees in a timely and efficient manner. With the additional service of printing and filling 1094-C and 1095-C forms, TempWorks’ clients can rest assured that closing out the end of year and fulfilling ACA compliance is taken care of properly and hassle-free.

Throughout my tenure at TempWorks, it’s been a rewarding experience to witness how our team pulls together each tax season to take care of our clients’ needs, placing emphasis on accuracy and efficiency when it comes to closing out the year.

For staffing agencies that have experienced issues with fillings and are looking for a service to help them be compliant and properly manage their ACA needs, our experienced team is there to support and guide them through addressing these compliance issues. To learn more about this valuable service offering and how you can save time during the chaos of the tax and holiday season, contact us today at

Choosing A Software Provider That Chooses You

Does your software provider develop new tools to meet your unique business needs?

In a couple of my previous blogs, I discussed why working with an independent and privately-owned company has its benefits in terms of company focus and its ability to bring new and innovative solutions to market faster. In this blog I want to briefly discuss additional information to evaluate when you’re looking to invest in software for your staffing company.

To find a software system which automates the processes that a staffing agency needs to be efficient, you need a software that was designed specifically for the staffing industry.  Investing in a comprehensive and intuitive system, one that knows your daily, weekly, and yearly milestones, is the first step towards increasing your efficiency.

We recently wrote a case study that tells the #MyTWStory of one of our long-term clients, Friday Staffing Services, located in Asheville, North Carolina. They have been a TempWorks client since 1999 and they have seen many iterations and improvements to the software since they first signed up as a client 18 years ago. One thing that has not changed: our goal of delivering a software which completely automates processes and creates a paperless solution to save our clients both time and money.


The next consideration: Does your software provider truly partner with you to not only meet your needs but anticipate future trends to help your business grow and succeed? At TempWorks, we’re constantly searching for the next tool or integration to help our clients grow their businesses and stay ahead of the technology curve. That’s why the next stage of our software package is growing our platform’s mobile accessibility. We introduced our newest solution, Beyond, at the ASA Staffing World 2017 conference in October. With a focus on constant innovation and functionality to meet the demands of our clients, Beyond is a mobile ATS and CRM browser-based solution with a back office built on the power of our established technology, Enterprise. By providing a mobile front office, our goal is to let your recruiters and sales team have the power of our robust software system right at their fingertips, whether it’s from their desktop computer at the office or with their smartphones at a client meeting. It’s never been easier to record current or prospective client information, find new candidates, and fill orders regardless of the time of day or location.

Choosing a software provider is not an easy, one-step process. Your software provider should be able to meet and exceed your unique business needs. The company you choose for software should continually search for ways to make your job just a little bit easier. If you’re interested in seeing what a partnership with TempWorks looks like, contact our experienced team today and find out what new features we’re developing.

Mobile Matters: How Mobile is Impacting Job Search Trends

In my last blog post, I gave a little bit of a teaser about a new product that we are rolling out that would tie into our HRCenter perfectly. Before I introduce our new product, I want to provide you some background to current trends in the industry that inspired its inception in the first place. Mobile is king when it comes to how Americans consume content. A mobile consumer group has driven the need for accessibility and convenience across all digital touchpoints of doing business.

This holds especially true for the staffing industry. The job searching and hiring process is daunting and onerous. It’s even more important for staffing and recruiting agencies to invest in streamlining their hiring and onboarding processes to keep candidates engaged throughout each touchpoint in the process. Mobile trends have also largely impacted how people are searching for jobs. A report from the Indeed Hiring Lab shows that 78% of Millennials search for jobs on mobile with Generation X not far behind at 73%. As expected, the Baby Boomer generation lags behind at 57.2% 1. Given the number of job seekers using mobile for their job search process, your website and application process must be mobile optimized to successfully capture this audience.

At TempWorks, we know how important it is for our clients to consistently deliver a positive candidate experience from the very start of the onboarding process by providing an easy-to-use, mobile ATS solution. That’s why we’re introducing Beyond, a mobile front office browser-based solution with a back office that is built on the power of our established technology, Enterprise. Accessible from any device on any platform, Beyond has a completely customizable user interface design as well as a fully open API for seamless integration development. When developing Beyond, we made sure that it delivered the reliability that your employees need to do their job, while offering the flexibility that your candidates need to stay engaged and have a positive candidate experience.

We’d love to give you an introduction to Beyond to show you how it can help keep your mobile audience captivated! Contact us today to set up a demo. Or if you’re going to ASA Staffing World in Chicago from October 24-26th, we’ll be doing live demos of Beyond right at our booth. Say hello at Booth #413 to get an in-person demo of Beyond and for some fun giveaways!

1 Targeting Today’s Job Seeker: Data, Trends and Insight Report, Indeed Hiring Lab, 2017

Too many orders, not enough people?

PapersMy first couple of posts discussed TempWorks and provided those who are unfamiliar with myself or the company a glimpse of who we are and what we stand for. This post will focus on a widespread problem that many in the industry are experiencing and how our own clients have overcome it. With the continued positive economy and low unemployment rates across the nation, staffing firms are being faced with having too many orders and not enough people to fill them. When companies call TempWorks, many are in search of a better onboarding solution to curb this problem.

The shortage of temporary workers is not affecting only one part of our industry; it is affecting the entire industry. From light industrial placements with minimal job requirements to highly specialized professional positions, everyone is reporting that there are orders to fill. The problem is finding the right candidate. If your staffing firm can provide qualified candidates and overall better placements at a faster order to fill-time ratio than your competition, you will be able to achieve more billing and stand out from your competitors. The question is, how do you do this?

From a technology standpoint, the current workforce has become highly mobile in a very brief period of time. We just surpassed the 10-year mark since the first iPhone hit the market. It only took a year to have enough product to meet the demand and to have a substantial user base. Over the last nine years we have seen the development of the iPad, Surface, other tablets, smart watches, thin laptops, etc. Everything is being designed to make technology more convenient and mobile. If you are a staffing firm that still relies on walk-in applicants, you are missing out on more productive ways to connect with your candidates and employees.


At TempWorks, we have worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to provide the best candidate experience within our product. We have been the first to market with our onboarding tool out of all our competitors. When other software providers attempt to release a solution similar to ours, we have already released the next version of our product. Thus, we are continuously leading the industry with cutting edge solutions. I have been at TempWorks for 10 years and we are already on our fourth version of our onboarding solution. Three of the versions have been successfully rolled out to our client base and are still in use today. In addition, we have something teed up for 2018 which I believe you will really enjoy as more information is released.

When I started at TempWorks, DocCenter was the onboarding tool being sold. It is still used by a few select clients today and is a solid product. The downfall with DocCenter is that it still relies on the old concept of having candidates come into the office to apply for jobs and fill out onboarding paperwork using a signature pad. There isn’t functionality to address remote candidates. The next product we released was called ApplicantCenter. This is largely what our competition has based their onboarding tool around today. Again, it is a solid tool, but it is not an end to end or mobile optimized solution.

HRCenter is our current product offering. It has more features and functionality than any other staffing software provider solutions in the marketplace, or any other standalone onboarding tool for that matter. HRCenter is the crucial piece to the puzzle that helps address recruiting a higher volume of candidates to fill your orders. Around three years old, HRCenter has always been 100% mobile optimized. That means a candidate who doesn’t have a desk and a computer at home, and does their job searching from a smart phone, can search and apply for a job, complete an orientation class, and fill out 100% of their onboarding paperwork…from their couch. You no longer have to worry about the candidates not walking through your door.


Our first step with HRCenter is to capture the basic contact information of each potential applicant. This means that even with the busyness of life, if a candidate doesn’t finish an application, your recruiters still have their contact information and can call to help get them placed. Long ago TempWorks got rid of the idea that you need to complete an application or submit a resume before you can obtain a candidate’s contact information. If a candidate visits your site and expresses interest, you now have the ability to reach out to speak with that person. Once that person is deemed a suitable candidate, you can direct them through pre-placement documents, company specific orientations, general placement tests, and filling out required documents before they report for their first day on the job. Signatures can also be captured and submitted directly from any smartphone.

In the staffing industry, the millennial generation is a scary one. Industry tradeshows have multiple sessions that focus on attracting millennials and how to place them for work. When you look at the up and coming workforce you notice several facts, including: they text more than talk on the phone, they are connected to multiple social media sites, and the majority of them have a smart phone. You need to use that to your advantage by connecting with your candidates in ways they are most familiar. Working with a tool like TempWorks allows you to do that. By creating a positive candidate experience, you will be set apart from your competition who is still pushing paper.

Of course, there is a much more that goes into finding candidates to fill your open orders. TempWorks can help with that as well. However, the starting point is to ensure that you capture potential candidates that are organically visiting your website. You don’t want to miss out on a top tier candidate because you don’t have the right tools in place to interact with them. Over the last 10 years, #MyTWStory has been to continuously innovate new ways to help staffing firms grow their business. We help you sell smarter, recruit faster, and bill higher.

Don’t take my word for it, check out what our client Accentuate Staffing has to say about it. Our clients’ stories, along with mine, are why we have #OurTWStory!

Stay tuned for more information on our next product being released in 2018…it will pair marvelously with HRCenter!

What does it mean to be part of an “Independently-Owned Business”?


This is my third post for my new blog. So far, I have touched on some great examples about our company culture and how that culture drives success – particularly with implementation. This post was supposed to focus on support and changes we have made over the years to provide elite service to our client base. I was going to focus on growing pains that we have gone through, which has only made us stronger; however, that topic will have to wait until next time.

During the last few days two press releases have been published that are both drastically going to change the landscape of the staffing software industry. The first release announced that AST, a long-time provider to the staffing industry, was purchased by Avionte. The second was that Bond International, a UK based company, merged with eRecruit in what appears to be a pivotal shift (in the U.S. market anyways) to focus more toward the professional side of the industry – as opposed to the commercial, or traditional side. These announcements have changed my mindset, and thus I want to discuss what it is like to be part of an independently owned business here at TempWorks, both from a personal level as well as frteamworkom an outside perspective.

From a personal perspective, I love that I work for an independent business. It may be my upbringing that drives this love of mine. My father owned a company my whole adolescent life. He decided to sell his business when I went to college, but my younger years were spent watching my father pour his heart and soul into his company. He did it to support his family, because he enjoyed what he did, and also to ensure he looked after his other “family” too – his employees. Those that worked for my father trended toward always being long tenured employees. I can still name about 20 of his 55 employees, as well as their spouses and children, because they were a part of my life growing up. For example, I referred to my father’s business partner as “Unkie Steve” growing up. He was such a large part of my life; he was like one of my uncles. These individuals worked hard for my father and my father rewarded them for their dedication.

If you read my post on culture, that sums up perfectly what life is like at TempWorks. My last name is not Dourgarian, and I am not even close to a blood relative to David or Gregg. However, I feel as if I am part of the family when I am both at work and outside of work. I know many other employees here who feel the same way. David Dourgarian, our CEO, does a great job at making you feel as if you are part of the family, part of the brand, and goes out of his way to ensure your success at TempWorks, if you strive to achieve that success. Nearly every employee in the company has gotten a personal invitation to his home for an event. The family-like culture is inviting and always proactive to bring all of our employees together. BBQ

As we speak, we are firing up the grill outside at our office for a company-wide BBQ lunch. For more examples on our culture, you can refer to my original post from May 30, 2017 on company culture.

From an outside perspective, in the staffing industry, an independently-owned business is generally celebrated. We have many loyal clients and have strong relationships with many other staffing firms that are independently-owned and operated. They span from first generation to multi-generational families running the staffing firm. Some of the largest staffing firms in the country have started out as an independent company. However, there isn’t a lot of discussion about the ownership types of staffing software providers. We have quite the spread in the staffing software space, as with any industry. As you can tell, I like the way TempWorks is owned and operated, but there is also nothing wrong with the ownership structure of any other provider. The only difference that should be noted while comparing the structure of each provider are the goals of the organization as it grows. A publicly traded company needs to answer to shareholders. They are responsible for ensuring shareholders are satisfied and there is healthy return for the stock holders. A company owned by an investment firm typically is out to add as many users and have the volume grow as large as it can and as fast as it can so the investment firm can resell the company and gain a profit. As an independent business, we don’t have to answer to shareholders or investors. We can drive our own path and carve out our own direction for growth and success.

#OurTWStory is already in its third generation. We are a debt free company. We truly have the freedom to innovate and create as we believe is best for our employees, and our clients. Without our employees and without our clients, we wouldn’t have a business. The ability to do what is best for both is why TempWorks has seen no less than 18% growth over the 10 years I have been onboard (this includes the 2008 recession and follow up years). Employees and clients will always be treated like family at TempWorks. Collectively we have been able to do great things and provide solutions and service that we believe are unmatched in the industry.