New Office Space and a Client Event You Won’t Want to Miss


If there’s one thing that I want to brag about TempWorks and its tremendous growth over the last few years, it’s how great our team has adapted to all of the changes in growth and structure that can so often be painful for companies. When I first started at TempWorks more than 11 years ago, we had less than 40 employees. Now with nearly 140 employees, the changes and shifts in operations and in our technology have been countless. Throughout it all, TempWorks employees have maintained a positive outlook, working hard to make sure our clients are happy and are able to use the tools and solutions that we build for them. We recently finished the first phase of our office expansion and employees have now moved into their new spaces.

The first phase delivered additional cube space as our headcount continues to grow. With this phase completed, we now have more than 44,000 square feet of office space. The second phase, scheduled for this fall, will give us additional room to grow and expand for years to come.

We’re excited to show off the new space this summer at our annual client user conference, The Works! This year’s theme, Back to School, emphasizes our focus on the educational piece of our conference. At TempWorks, we want to make sure that our clients have access to the information they need to be efficient and grow with our tools. With a three-track session format this year at The Works, clients can choose which session they want to attend. Our Industry track focuses on the current trends in the staffing space so that clients can anticipate changes and disruptors in the staffing industry. Our Software track gives clients an in-depth look at our software solutions, how they can be customized for each client’s needs, and tips and tricks for some of our latest mobile tools like Beyond and Buzz. Also new to this year’s event, we have a track that’s completely focused on our funding and payroll processing clients under our trusted partner company, Lone Oak Payroll.

If you’re a software or funding client and you haven’t signed up yet for The Works 2018 – Back to School, this is an event that you won’t want to miss! Contact your Account Manager to learn more and to get registered today. I look forward to seeing you in July!

Staffing Industry Evolution: From Growth Trends to Technology Disruptors

right-fit_career_news.jpgOver the last 10 years at TempWorks, I’ve gotten to witness the monumental shifts in the staffing industry and how staffing agencies have dealt with the massive changes along the way.

There have been huge technological disruptors that have completely shifted staffing operations, from the mobile revolution to mass email and texting communications to paperless application solutions. The other noticeable shift that I’ve seen has been the unprecedented growth of many agencies. Clients that started with us as small mom-and-pop type agencies now have hundreds of employees.

Being a part of their success has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job here at TempWorks. As with any technology company, we’ve worked hard to keep up with and stay ahead of the tech trends so that we can deliver the tools that our clients need to support their growth goals. What I think sets TempWorks apart from the competition is truly listening to our clients and partnering with them to ensure that success. We focus on customizing our staffing software solutions to fit the specific needs of clients to make sure they’re equipped to deal with the changes going on in their market or their industry.

Learning how to better listen to our clients and advance our delivery of services has been a top priority for us in 2018. That’s why we hired our new Senior Vice President, Allan Brown. Taking over our account management department, Allan has more than 20 years of experience in the staffing industry. His knowledge and industry acumen are invaluable to our team at TempWorks and further enhances our bench strength to remain that trusted industry partner for our clients.

If you want to learn more, check out the TempWorks news page on our website for an in-depth look at Allan’s background and vision for the future.

Season for Change: Next Steps for 2018

perfect solution concept

Winter is always a busy season for us at TempWorks with our year-end services, business and product development planning, and various other factors. This year has been even more eventful with company structure changes, including my promotion from Executive Vice President to the role of President as well as our new hire of Allan Brown to serve as our Senior Vice President. I am excited to take on this new role and begin working alongside Allan to make some necessary changes and improvements to the processes here at TempWorks.

As 2018 swings into full gear, here are the first items that I plan to tackle in my new role as President:

Deliver our latest mobile solutions, Beyond and Buzz, to our clients and the staffing industry. 

One of our top priorities at TempWorks has always been to develop and deliver new and innovative tools for our clients to help them succeed and grow. Beyond, a complete mobile ATS and CRM browser-based solution, and Buzz, the staffing industry’s first native app for employee engagement, are two great tools that we’ve launched recently to help our clients keep up with the mobile trend that has been a significant disruptor to the staffing industry in the last few years. Our clients know the importance of staying competitive in their markets and we’ve developed these solutions to help our clients retain and grow their market share.

Make improvements to our Account Management process to ensure that our clients continue to have the best experience and maximize their partnership with us. 

Perhaps even more important than making sure we’re developing innovative new tools is our client experience. We take pride in our account management and support services that ensure our clients are receiving the help and support they need to run their businesses efficiently. When you experience the kind of growth that we’ve had in the past few years, it’s a good idea to take an internal audit of processes and departments to ensure they’re functioning as effectively as possible. With Allan’s help this year, we will evaluate our current account management processes to confirm the department and the subsequent support services are in sync with our client’s needs. Through adjustments and improvements to this process, we know that our clients will continue to receive the superior experience that they have come to expect from us.

Ensure that our company upholds and executes on our mission by adhering to our values. 

After working at TempWorks for more than 10 years, it’s been incredibly exciting to witness the transformation and growth of the company. With growth comes growing pains and it can be incredibly easy to start shifting away from the core values on which the business was built. I want to take a step back to look at our overall business to ensure that we are successfully upholding both our mission of innovating software solutions and services to meet our client’s needs as well as operating under our core values of integrity, respect, innovation, independence, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

The coming year will be an exciting one for TempWorks as we start to make strides to improve client management processes and continue delivering innovative solutions for our clients. If you’re a client of TempWorks or just a part of the staffing industry in general, please let me know how you think we’re doing. I would love feedback about our progress and any improvements that we could make to help support our clients and their plans for growth in 2018. You can contact me at

Managing the Unexpected: When the Cold Temperatures Burst Your Plans

2017 was a great year at TempWorks. All the hard work across all our departments has brought our total yearly revenue in all divisions at record numbers (again!). That being said, with success there are always hardships to overcome and I wanted to share one unexpected hardship that I hope will amuse you.

As part of our year-end services, TempWorks processes W-2 and 1095 forms for our clients. We take our client data and print the necessary information on the correct forms, seal them up, and mail them across the country. We process over one million documents in the short span of a couple weeks. These paper documents arrive by the truckload and are moved into our building on pallets through the loading dock of our building in Eagan, Minnesota. Early on, we found out the hard way that the weight of a single pallet was more than the elevators could hold. Our printing facility is located on the third floor of our three-story office building. Two years ago, we broke one of our two elevators due to the weight of the pallets. Since then, we adopted a different policy to get documents from the ground floor to the third floor. We keep the pallets in the loading dock and manually unload the boxes from the pallets to avoid exceeding the weight limit of the elevators.

This year, our W-2 and 1095 stock started to arrive the last week of December 2017, just in time for printing to begin the first week of January. We unloaded the trucks and stored the pallets in the loading dock area. As luck would have it, that week we were experiencing below average temperatures in the Twin Cities. We experienced multiple days in a row where overnight temperatures were well below -20 or -30 degrees. The news channels announced that the local temperatures were colder than Antarctica by double digits, colder than Greenland by more than 40 degrees, and warmer than the North Pole by only a single digit. Brrrrr.

This frigid weather caused a main water pipe in our office building to burst….in our loading dock. Water poured into the loading dock and all over our W-2 and 1095 stock for nearly 30 minutes before the Eagan fire department could arrive to shut off the water main. Our experienced team immediately called our suppliers to expedite new forms. This is a prime example of why our quick-thinking team is so important to our overall success here at TempWorks. The ability to handle unforeseen issues like this and still be able to deliver on time for our clients is a key reason our partners trust us to help grow their business.

Want to see what it looked like? Check out the video of the loading dock in the early minutes of the leak:

2017 Year in Review and Future Innovation

Another successful year has come and gone. Looking back at 2017, there are a few momentous milestones that stand out to me. First, a special kudos to our dedicated TempWorks team who continuously go above and beyond to provide the best service and experience for our clients. Last year, their hard work included performing a major implementation for a staffing company with approximately 60 users in only six short business days! The successful implementation could not have been possible without our talented team’s commitment and experience and I feel privileged to have such a great team of colleagues.


2017: New Features and Partner Integrations

At Staffing World in October, we launched our new mobile ATS and CRM browser-based solution, Beyond. With its fully open API for seamless integration development and a customizable user interface design, Beyond is the latest phase of our software to grow our platform’s mobile accessibility and many of our clients have been excited to better harness the power of mobile with this new and intuitive platform.

In addition to our drive for innovation, we have continued to focus on building strategic integrations with industry partners to deliver greater value to our clients. Here is a recap of new features in 2017:

  • ALINE Card by ADP® – Simplifies and reduces payroll costs by offering an alternative way of providing payroll digitally to employees through a paycard solution.
  • Clarus Solutions – Helps businesses and communities maximize the multi-faceted benefits of WOTC.
  • Google For Jobs – Brings the best job search visibility possible to our clients’ TempWorks Enterprise JobBoard.
  • Kenexa Assess on Cloud – Allows users to assign tests, search and review results all through Enterprise.
  • MJA & Associates – Improves annual cash flow through tax credit processing and government tax incentives.
  • PeopleG2 – Provides another seamless background check integration.
  • ZipWhip – Enables conversational text messaging between recruiters, candidates, and client contacts through Enterprise.

2018: Future Innovation

We are also excited about the development of the industry’s first native app for employee engagement that is in the works right now. As we move through Q1 2018 make sure to stay tuned as we will continue providing more details and updates on this first to the industry product.

We wish a fond farewell to 2017 and a warm welcome to all that 2018 will bring to the staffing industry!