2017 was a great year at TempWorks. All the hard work across all our departments has brought our total yearly revenue in all divisions at record numbers (again!). That being said, with success there are always hardships to overcome and I wanted to share one unexpected hardship that I hope will amuse you.

As part of our year-end services, TempWorks processes W-2 and 1095 forms for our clients. We take our client data and print the necessary information on the correct forms, seal them up, and mail them across the country. We process over one million documents in the short span of a couple weeks. These paper documents arrive by the truckload and are moved into our building on pallets through the loading dock of our building in Eagan, Minnesota. Early on, we found out the hard way that the weight of a single pallet was more than the elevators could hold. Our printing facility is located on the third floor of our three-story office building. Two years ago, we broke one of our two elevators due to the weight of the pallets. Since then, we adopted a different policy to get documents from the ground floor to the third floor. We keep the pallets in the loading dock and manually unload the boxes from the pallets to avoid exceeding the weight limit of the elevators.

This year, our W-2 and 1095 stock started to arrive the last week of December 2017, just in time for printing to begin the first week of January. We unloaded the trucks and stored the pallets in the loading dock area. As luck would have it, that week we were experiencing below average temperatures in the Twin Cities. We experienced multiple days in a row where overnight temperatures were well below -20 or -30 degrees. The news channels announced that the local temperatures were colder than Antarctica by double digits, colder than Greenland by more than 40 degrees, and warmer than the North Pole by only a single digit. Brrrrr.

This frigid weather caused a main water pipe in our office building to burst….in our loading dock. Water poured into the loading dock and all over our W-2 and 1095 stock for nearly 30 minutes before the Eagan fire department could arrive to shut off the water main. Our experienced team immediately called our suppliers to expedite new forms. This is a prime example of why our quick-thinking team is so important to our overall success here at TempWorks. The ability to handle unforeseen issues like this and still be able to deliver on time for our clients is a key reason our partners trust us to help grow their business.

Want to see what it looked like? Check out the video of the loading dock in the early minutes of the leak:

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