It’s a Wrap: Closing out the Year with W-2 and Tax Services


For staffing agencies, year-end processes make for a busy time of year. Oftentimes, it’s an “all hands on deck” time of the year and everyone needs to pitch in to make sure the necessary steps are taken to close out the year for all employees. For example: the data integrity check is a key step in the year-end process and there is an abundance of issues that could arise, from missing social security numbers to incorrect taxes withheld to improper adjustment taxability. Finding and correcting these errors now will help to ensure that your returns and W-2s are produced accurately.

When it comes to carrying out year-end services for clients, our TempWorks’ year-end team is crucial. With their sharp attention to detail and year-over-year experience helping our clients with such a time-consuming and important process, we have become our clients’ trusted go-to resource. We make sure to verify that data integrity issues are resolved, take care of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, and print W-2s to provide relief from the stressful paperwork and filing process. For each client, our team prints all the required documents and mails them directly to our clients’ employees in a timely and efficient manner. With the additional service of printing and filling 1094-C and 1095-C forms, TempWorks’ clients can rest assured that closing out the end of year and fulfilling ACA compliance is taken care of properly and hassle-free.

Throughout my tenure at TempWorks, it’s been a rewarding experience to witness how our team pulls together each tax season to take care of our clients’ needs, placing emphasis on accuracy and efficiency when it comes to closing out the year.

For staffing agencies that have experienced issues with fillings and are looking for a service to help them be compliant and properly manage their ACA needs, our experienced team is there to support and guide them through addressing these compliance issues. To learn more about this valuable service offering and how you can save time during the chaos of the tax and holiday season, contact us today at

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