Choosing A Software Provider That Chooses You

Does your software provider develop new tools to meet your unique business needs?

In a couple of my previous blogs, I discussed why working with an independent and privately-owned company has its benefits in terms of company focus and its ability to bring new and innovative solutions to market faster. In this blog I want to briefly discuss additional information to evaluate when you’re looking to invest in software for your staffing company.

To find a software system which automates the processes that a staffing agency needs to be efficient, you need a software that was designed specifically for the staffing industry.  Investing in a comprehensive and intuitive system, one that knows your daily, weekly, and yearly milestones, is the first step towards increasing your efficiency.

We recently wrote a case study that tells the #MyTWStory of one of our long-term clients, Friday Staffing Services, located in Asheville, North Carolina. They have been a TempWorks client since 1999 and they have seen many iterations and improvements to the software since they first signed up as a client 18 years ago. One thing that has not changed: our goal of delivering a software which completely automates processes and creates a paperless solution to save our clients both time and money.


The next consideration: Does your software provider truly partner with you to not only meet your needs but anticipate future trends to help your business grow and succeed? At TempWorks, we’re constantly searching for the next tool or integration to help our clients grow their businesses and stay ahead of the technology curve. That’s why the next stage of our software package is growing our platform’s mobile accessibility. We introduced our newest solution, Beyond, at the ASA Staffing World 2017 conference in October. With a focus on constant innovation and functionality to meet the demands of our clients, Beyond is a mobile ATS and CRM browser-based solution with a back office built on the power of our established technology, Enterprise. By providing a mobile front office, our goal is to let your recruiters and sales team have the power of our robust software system right at their fingertips, whether it’s from their desktop computer at the office or with their smartphones at a client meeting. It’s never been easier to record current or prospective client information, find new candidates, and fill orders regardless of the time of day or location.

Choosing a software provider is not an easy, one-step process. Your software provider should be able to meet and exceed your unique business needs. The company you choose for software should continually search for ways to make your job just a little bit easier. If you’re interested in seeing what a partnership with TempWorks looks like, contact our experienced team today and find out what new features we’re developing.

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