Mobile Matters: How Mobile is Impacting Job Search Trends

In my last blog post, I gave a little bit of a teaser about a new product that we are rolling out that would tie into our HRCenter perfectly. Before I introduce our new product, I want to provide you some background to current trends in the industry that inspired its inception in the first place. Mobile is king when it comes to how Americans consume content. A mobile consumer group has driven the need for accessibility and convenience across all digital touchpoints of doing business.

This holds especially true for the staffing industry. The job searching and hiring process is daunting and onerous. It’s even more important for staffing and recruiting agencies to invest in streamlining their hiring and onboarding processes to keep candidates engaged throughout each touchpoint in the process. Mobile trends have also largely impacted how people are searching for jobs. A report from the Indeed Hiring Lab shows that 78% of Millennials search for jobs on mobile with Generation X not far behind at 73%. As expected, the Baby Boomer generation lags behind at 57.2% 1. Given the number of job seekers using mobile for their job search process, your website and application process must be mobile optimized to successfully capture this audience.

At TempWorks, we know how important it is for our clients to consistently deliver a positive candidate experience from the very start of the onboarding process by providing an easy-to-use, mobile ATS solution. That’s why we’re introducing Beyond, a mobile front office browser-based solution with a back office that is built on the power of our established technology, Enterprise. Accessible from any device on any platform, Beyond has a completely customizable user interface design as well as a fully open API for seamless integration development. When developing Beyond, we made sure that it delivered the reliability that your employees need to do their job, while offering the flexibility that your candidates need to stay engaged and have a positive candidate experience.

We’d love to give you an introduction to Beyond to show you how it can help keep your mobile audience captivated! Contact us today to set up a demo. Or if you’re going to ASA Staffing World in Chicago from October 24-26th, we’ll be doing live demos of Beyond right at our booth. Say hello at Booth #413 to get an in-person demo of Beyond and for some fun giveaways!

1 Targeting Today’s Job Seeker: Data, Trends and Insight Report, Indeed Hiring Lab, 2017

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