What does it mean to be part of an “Independently-Owned Business”?


This is my third post for my new blog. So far, I have touched on some great examples about our company culture and how that culture drives success – particularly with implementation. This post was supposed to focus on support and changes we have made over the years to provide elite service to our client base. I was going to focus on growing pains that we have gone through, which has only made us stronger; however, that topic will have to wait until next time.

During the last few days two press releases have been published that are both drastically going to change the landscape of the staffing software industry. The first release announced that AST, a long-time provider to the staffing industry, was purchased by Avionte. The second was that Bond International, a UK based company, merged with eRecruit in what appears to be a pivotal shift (in the U.S. market anyways) to focus more toward the professional side of the industry – as opposed to the commercial, or traditional side. These announcements have changed my mindset, and thus I want to discuss what it is like to be part of an independently owned business here at TempWorks, both from a personal level as well as frteamworkom an outside perspective.

From a personal perspective, I love that I work for an independent business. It may be my upbringing that drives this love of mine. My father owned a company my whole adolescent life. He decided to sell his business when I went to college, but my younger years were spent watching my father pour his heart and soul into his company. He did it to support his family, because he enjoyed what he did, and also to ensure he looked after his other “family” too – his employees. Those that worked for my father trended toward always being long tenured employees. I can still name about 20 of his 55 employees, as well as their spouses and children, because they were a part of my life growing up. For example, I referred to my father’s business partner as “Unkie Steve” growing up. He was such a large part of my life; he was like one of my uncles. These individuals worked hard for my father and my father rewarded them for their dedication.

If you read my post on culture, that sums up perfectly what life is like at TempWorks. My last name is not Dourgarian, and I am not even close to a blood relative to David or Gregg. However, I feel as if I am part of the family when I am both at work and outside of work. I know many other employees here who feel the same way. David Dourgarian, our CEO, does a great job at making you feel as if you are part of the family, part of the brand, and goes out of his way to ensure your success at TempWorks, if you strive to achieve that success. Nearly every employee in the company has gotten a personal invitation to his home for an event. The family-like culture is inviting and always proactive to bring all of our employees together. BBQ

As we speak, we are firing up the grill outside at our office for a company-wide BBQ lunch. For more examples on our culture, you can refer to my original post from May 30, 2017 on company culture.

From an outside perspective, in the staffing industry, an independently-owned business is generally celebrated. We have many loyal clients and have strong relationships with many other staffing firms that are independently-owned and operated. They span from first generation to multi-generational families running the staffing firm. Some of the largest staffing firms in the country have started out as an independent company. However, there isn’t a lot of discussion about the ownership types of staffing software providers. We have quite the spread in the staffing software space, as with any industry. As you can tell, I like the way TempWorks is owned and operated, but there is also nothing wrong with the ownership structure of any other provider. The only difference that should be noted while comparing the structure of each provider are the goals of the organization as it grows. A publicly traded company needs to answer to shareholders. They are responsible for ensuring shareholders are satisfied and there is healthy return for the stock holders. A company owned by an investment firm typically is out to add as many users and have the volume grow as large as it can and as fast as it can so the investment firm can resell the company and gain a profit. As an independent business, we don’t have to answer to shareholders or investors. We can drive our own path and carve out our own direction for growth and success.

#OurTWStory is already in its third generation. We are a debt free company. We truly have the freedom to innovate and create as we believe is best for our employees, and our clients. Without our employees and without our clients, we wouldn’t have a business. The ability to do what is best for both is why TempWorks has seen no less than 18% growth over the 10 years I have been onboard (this includes the 2008 recession and follow up years). Employees and clients will always be treated like family at TempWorks. Collectively we have been able to do great things and provide solutions and service that we believe are unmatched in the industry.

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