All Roads Drive Through Implementation…#myTWstory Wouldn’t Exist Without Them!


My new blog started off discussing the tenure of our employees and our senior leadership. Looking back on the past 10 years, most of my career at TempWorks has been in direct sales. I must admit that at first, I wasn’t the best at it. Far from it as a matter of fact. I had zero experience with staffing outside of knowing what it was and companies like Manpower and Robert Half. I had even less experience selling a technology solution. The next post here about #myTWstory is how sales is always just the beginning.

Generic business quotes revolve around the idea that you can’t have a business without a product and that you can’t have a customer without a sale. One of my first lessons learned after I got my feet on the ground and started to produce revenue for TempWorks is that you can’t sell a product without relying on the rest of the business to support it. We have about 125 employees at TempWorks. Each one of them serve our customers and are part of the overall delivery and success of our customer relationships. However, our partnerships do not get off the ground if a customer doesn’t go live on our software or services. That is where our implementation team comes in. They provide the first experience that a customer has with TempWorks, after they sign a contract with us. The employees they interact with from our implementation team also happen to have one of the hardest jobs in the entire company. The job comes with long hours, weekend work, and often are the unsung heroes.

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What does implementation consist of? Implementation is the setup of the database, the establishing of direct contact between the partner and TempWorks, the data conversion, training of the end users on the software, and everything else that takes place between contract execution and the completion of the first live week. Most customers are not excited about the idea of going through implementation. Many prospects are even afraid of switching from a software that isn’t working for their business in fear of a rough implementation. Implementation is the least exciting and most stressful part for new customers to endure when changing their staffing software or payroll processing provider. While no conversion will ever be easy and stress free, we have the best team in the industry that can ensure the process is as smooth as can be. Just ask our customers or see our testimonial that follows!

Our implementations usually start and end with our conversion gurus Kyle Biesterveld and Corey Dietz. These guys are rock stars and invaluable to the implementation team and TempWorks. If you are going through a data conversion with us, you can expect that Kyle and Corey are the ones writing your conversion scripts and executing them. With an average of 70 customers going live per year, these two consistently knock it out of the park. With the amount of conversions they are doing every year, it means they are working tirelessly many weekends to ensure that the data conversions are ready to go first thing Monday morning for parallel and live weeks. We have many other employees that contribute to these successes and a couple more will be named below. Kyle and Corey are important to name here because an implementation will not go well and a customer will not go live if the conversion wasn’t performed as accurately as possible.

Due to the efforts of Kyle, Corey, and the implementation team at TempWorks, we have a near flawless record on our implementations. In the past two years, we have only had two conversions that we would say did not go as well (hey, we are human and aren’t perfect!). From what we are hearing from prospects, we would venture that our track record for successful implementations are second to none in the industry. Not only do we celebrate an extremely high success rate, we also achieve these implementations in the timeframes that we establish with our customers after the signing of the contract.


#MyTWstory would not exist if it wasn’t for the hard work of our implementation team. Just like all our employees, that department works day in and day out to ensure that our partnerships are second to none. I couldn’t be prouder of what they accomplish every week or be more thankful for all the hard work they put in. To show you I’m not the only one, I would like to share an email we received from the Evergent Group on the Friday of their live week. This company is around 100 users and decided to partner with TempWorks after visiting our customer appreciation event, The Works, last year. Our culture and the enthusiasm of our customers supplemented the features and functionality we could deliver, proving we were the best fit for them. They compared our implementation to that of PeopleSoft, which is an Oracle owned product. I am so thrilled to have our team here at TempWorks be positively compared to that of a company the size of Oracle. See what Lisa, the Vice President of Finance at Amerit Consulting powered by Evergent Group, had to say:


“Mari, Dewey, Kyle, Drew, Shawna, Ryan, Bryan, Vanessa, Jared, Ali, John and anyone else on the TempWorks crew who worked on our implementation –

We have now been live on TempWorks for five days. Yesterday our clients received their first invoices and today employees received their first paychecks. Amazingly this week and today in particular was business as usual. Yep, there are a few things that came up which required fixing and yep, the SME’s each have their wish lists to complete but the event was nearly invisible to our employee and customer base.  To us this is nothing short of a miracle and contrasts extraordinarily sharply to Aug 2, 2015 when we went live on PeopleSoft. After being in the PeopleSoft implementation process for nearly two years, it still took us nearly four months after go live to get back to even a semblance of normal life.

“We are extraordinarily appreciative of the efforts each one of you put into making our conversion and implementation smooth. We are extremely excited to move forward in partnership with TempWorks and feel that with the software and your support we will be able to take Evergent Group to a new and higher level.

Thank you for all that you do.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!”    

I would like to say “Ditto” to Lisa’s comments. Thanks for all that you do Implementation team. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for being part of #myTWstory. If you are looking for a new solution or wishing implementation wasn’t such a roadblock to exploring new options, I would say that you are in great hands with my implementation staff. They will take great care of you and ensure that our partnership gets off to a great start!

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