My TempWorks Story started…

May 7th, 2007….That is an important day in my life that is fast approaching my 10-year anniversary with TempWorks Software. That was the first day I walked into the TempWorks office as an employee. As I pen this on April 25th, it was roughly ten years ago that I played a round of golf with our now CEO, David Dourgarian. That outing has shaped my life over the past decade and into the foreseeable future. As I look back as to why I have stayed here so long and what drives me to stay for another ten years, I decided to start a blog about my TempWorks Story.

The short story to how I started working at TempWorks…I was lucky. The day I played golf with David, we were meeting a mutual friend who ended up cancelling fifteen minutes before we were supposed to tee off. David and I were already in the parking lot. David and I were not friends at this point, yet, and both agreed that we likely would not have played if we had known our friend was not going to join us. Fortunately, we were both already there and spent the next four hours getting to know one another. As I said, I luckily made a good impression as David offered me a job a couple of days later. The rest is history.

The answer to my longevity at the company and why I love what I do, is also a short answer. First and foremost, I believe in our product and the services we offer to help growing businesses. However, more importantly, are the people who work for TempWorks. Each morning I wake up and get the opportunity to work with the best people anyone could imagine working with. It is truly a privilege to interact with our employees and grow together with them each day. Some of the words I would use to describe the average employee are: intelligent, talented, innovative, dedicated, friendly, and resourceful— just to name a few. Our products and services are the best in the industry, but they wouldn’t matter without the full support of each TempWorks employee who ensures those products and services are developed, sold, implemented, and supported successfully to our more than 500 partners.



I was recently on LinkedIn and saw that we had an average tenure of 4.5 years. That is an awesome stat in our industry. I compared that to some of our competitors and found we were higher by well over a year, and that is with more employees too! On May 7th, 2007, I was approximately our 35th employee on the payroll and we serviced around 75 clients. Today we are 125+ employees strong, servicing 500+ partners. That is close to a 400 percent growth in employee total and 700 percent growth in partner base. Maintaining a 4.5 year tenure average, along with adding around 100 employees over a ten-year period, is indicative that the family and culture we have created at TempWorks is part of the experience we offer to the marketplace, and an experience our partners embrace.

management team


If you peek at the TempWorks Management Team, you will see that our entire management team is comprised of individuals who have been with the company for no less than  five years. We have fourteen members of our management team who have a combined 139 years of experience at TempWorks! That is an average of 9.92 years!

Looking not only at our managers, but our developers, support staff, implementation team, payroll processors, and everyone in between; our people are what make this company great. Our employees are what drive our products, our services, and our support. I am working here because the employees at TempWorks are creating something special. They are not only helping me create my TempWorks story, they are helping to create #OurTempWorksStory  #ourtwstory.

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